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How To Prevent Heart Attacks?

How To Prevent Heart Attacks?

A heart attack is one of the leading causes of deaths in the United States targeting both men and women of any age and walks of life. Due to the increasing prevalence of heart attack rates, it has become an important part of our life to make conscious and constantly raise a question in our minds that how to prevent heart attacks?

Many people are practicing different methods of how to prevent heart attacks in various ways. From their efforts of personally changing their lifestyle habits to regular check-up sessions with health-care professionals, all show unity in fighting against one common enemy… heart attack.

How To Prevent Heart Attacks?

You can incorporate these tips to achieve a good lifestyle routine and say bye bye to heart attack worries:

prevention of heart attacks1. Eat well

Do not eat anything in sight. It is important for us to know which foods are safe and which are not. For the don’ts, stay free from salt, saturated fats, red meat, processed foods, and sweets.

Also, avoid foods with trans fat as well as those with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated ingredients. To supply a healthy diet which will make your heart stronger, eat more fruits and vegetables of different varieties. Add foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as tuna, as well as grains.

2. Stop Smoking

Ever since we were children, we were told that smoking is dangerous for our health. So why still smoke? Though smoking addiction may be hard to eliminate, it is doable and should be achieved at the soonest possible time to get a healthy heart. If you start reducing your number of cigarettes now until you entirely eliminate the use of it, you can reduce your risk for heart attack in just 1 year.

3. Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is one factor of heart diseases and heart attack. With the presence of high sugar levels in the blood, arteries may be damaged. If you do not have diabetes, but your sugar levels are still high, you will still be prone to heart attack.

4. Know Your Cholesterol

There are two kinds of cholesterol: the LDL and HDL. We are often told to limit our cholesterol intake. However, you should know which cholesterol you should limit yourself from. LDL is the one that is considered as dangerous to your heart, while HDL will protect you from a cardiovascular If you do not know your cholesterol levels, visit a doctor so that he can order a blood test for you.

5. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Have some extra pounds? You’d better shed it off now. Extra pounds in weight will add your chances of getting a heart attack. Hence, one of the ways how to prevent heart attacks is through managing your weight and keeping it to the desired mass that is congruent to your height. Having a regular exercise routine as well as eating a healthy diet will be a big boost to achieving the right weight for you.

6. Be Physical

Getting some exercise and being on the move helps enhance your cardiovascular fitness. Having a regular exercise routine will help prevent heart diseases, improve cholesterol levels and lower your blood pressure too! So you’d better get yourself down the pool or on the treadmill now. Of course, if you want to do some other physical activities aside from swimming and running, you can do them too.

7. Monitor Your Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure is one primary culprit of heart attacks. That is the main reason why monitoring your blood pressure levels tremendously help in heart attack prevention. If levels are too high, the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases increases too. Lifestyle changes and medical intervention can help keep your blood pressure level in control.

8. Do Not Stress Yourself

Indulge yourself in some relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, or massage. Get some off-days at work and treat yourself to a vacation to a place that you really want to go.

9. Keep Your Family And Friends Close

Studies have it that people with better social support have healthy hearts and minimize the risk for heart problems. So spend more time with your family and friends, take a moment to laugh with them and make your bond stronger and happier. Of course, you can also extend your support network by making new friends with other people too. The more, the merrier, right?

10. Say Goodbye To Excessive Alcohol Intake

Drinking red wine may be good at some point, drinking other alcoholic beverages in excess may lead to a bad health and can increase your blood pressure. Alcohol is also high in calories which will lead to weight gain.

11. Get Enough Sleep

Eight hours of sleep are always recommended. A Harvard study found those who get less than seven hours of sleep are risking themselves for heart attack. The lack of sleep increases stress hormones which raise your blood pressure and affect your blood sugar levels. However, do not oversleep as well. Those who sleep until nine or more hours will have an increased risk of heart attack.

12. Drink Your Medications Accordingly

If your doctor has already prescribed you with maintenance medications to treat an underlying medical condition or heart diseases, follow these medicines accordingly. Taking your medications will help reduce your risk of future heart attack and will also make a damaged heart function better. Talk to your doctor and tell him that you are experiencing this or that as he will likely make a different recommendation to minimize the side effect or prescribed a new medication for you.

Thus, the above measures will give us how to prevent heart attacks. Knowing these will save not only our life but also the others. To start with, the most helpful tip is to have a healthy lifestyle habit.


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